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Your wedding planner in Switzerland.

Personalized wedding planning: Making your dream wedding come true.

You struggle with all the things you need to organize for your wedding and you are very busy in your daily life and you do not have any time left. Still you like to have an unforgettable wedding day. Here comes my part as a wedding planner. I take the pressure from you and get done with everything.
You can relax and appreciate your engagement time with anticipation.

My name is Kristina and I am here for you when it comes to planning an unforgettable wedding or a beautiful family celebration. Welcome to my page and my heartfelt project Treasure Time.

Time is one of our most precious treasures. As the founder of Treasure Time, I want you to enjoy and experience the time before your celebration in a relaxed manner.

With over 20 years of experience in the hotel and gastronomy industry, I have specialized in making weddings and family celebrations a unique experience.

As a wedding planner, I accompany you from the planning stage to the implementation and ensure that every detail of your celebration is perfectly tailored to your wishes.

As a mom, I know that your children and those of your guests have their own needs: It is very important to me to support you here as well and to show you ideas so that you can be relaxed on your big day and the younger guests can also experience an unforgettable celebration.

Whether you are planning a small wedding or a large family celebration, my goal is to give you unique moments. Let us create your dream wedding or family celebration together while you enjoy the anticipation and precious time with your loved ones.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and to arrange a non-binding introductory meeting.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and to giving you the gift of "Treasure Time" through my work.

Your wedding planner


I offer you the following weddinplanner services.

Treasure Time

My expertise as a wedding planner and my experience will help you create a wedding that will be unforgettble for you.


Full service wedding planning

I offer you comprehensive complete planning of your wedding.


From selecting the venue to finding qualified service providers that suit your needs.

All the way to coordinate the details - I take care of everything.


My expertise and experience will help you create a wedding that will be unforgettable for both you and your guests.


wedding planning

Would you like to take some aspects of your wedding planning into your own hands?

Do you need support in specific areas?

This can include, for example, finding the ideal location, recommending service providers, or budget planning.

Perhaps you simply need someone to review your planning closely and provide feedback, hints, and tricks.

I work closely with you to identify your specific needs and then take on the corresponding tasks for you.

You handle the rest of the planning yourselves,


Coordination on your wedding day

Enjoy your big day filled with moments of happiness, while I, as an experienced wedding planner, am personally present. 

I take care of coordination with all service providers, holding the strings in my hand, and keeping an overview of all program points.

I ensure that everything runs smoothly and your wedding becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.



You want to plan your wedding yourselves but need expert advice and support to ensure that you don't overlook anythink or to get help with specific aspects of the planning.

With my coaching, I accompany you in the planning process, provide advice, and offer vauable guidanace.

I assist you in implementing your ideas and act as an experienced expert who supports you in planning, budgeting, scheduling, etc., and helps you overcome all challenges along the way.

My hourly rate is CHF 100.-
In general, you can expect to allocate approximately 10-15% of your total wedding budget. However, this is just a rough estimate for the overall costs. They vary from wedding to wedding and are always offered individually.

For more detailed information, please visit my German-language-pages. Here, you can find packages explained in German, learn more about being a Wedding Planner in Zurich, or discover tips for planning weddings with children.

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